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The Loop: Zelenskyy Says Russians Acted ‘Like Terrorists’, New Hypersonic Missile Pact & Science Behind ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’

Good morning, it’s Wednesday April 6th. This is what you need to get up and running today.

Here’s the latest overnight:

  • ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has told the United Nations that Russian soldiers have acted as “terrorists” during the invasion of your country
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke via remote broadcast during a UN Security Council meeting.(AP: John Minchillo)
  • detailed horrific war crimes says they were committed by Russian forces who were the Worst since WWII including the rape and murder of civilians, and showed a confrontation video. This is part of what he said:
  • It was his first speech before the UN Security Councilwhere he also exhorted them to withdraw Russia of the council or “dissolve”:
A woman wearing a blue headscarf and a brown jacket cries.
Larysa Savenko was trapped inside her shed for five weeks while the Russians occupied her town.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)
  • The 72 year old man he hid in his shed for five weeks. This is what he had to say about the initial invasion:

One thing you will hear about today: The AUKUS pact

Remember this new alliance, thanks to the impulse of nuclear powered submarines For him Royal Australian Navy? They have some news:

  • Australia will partner with the US and UK militaries to develop hypersonic missiles, as part of the AUKUS pact between the nations
  • The president of the United States Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister boris johnson and prime minister scott morrison have issued a joint statement this morning, updating progress on the defense technology pact
  • The three countries are pushing the trilateral plan to develop nuclear-powered submarines for Australia, with officials from all three countries. exploring sites across the country in february while figuring out what infrastructure and industrial capabilities will be needed

news while you sleep

Let’s bring you up to date.

  • the New Zealand The military has revealed new details of why Australia’s only prosecution of a SAS elite soldier for crimes in combat collapsed. A Australian Defense Force magistrate ruled against granting identity protection to NZ special forces witnesses
  • Scientists from around the world have collaborated on a great study of alzheimer’s who has identified double previous genetic risk factors by the disease. Dr. Michelle Lupton, from the QIMR Berghofer Institute for Medical Research, was involved in the study and says it could hopefully help detect higher risk people for preventive therapies
  • brisbane Emily Bates has been named as AFLW Featured Player of the 2022 season. The Lions’ vice-captain edged out Adelaide’s Anne Hatchard by one vote, after the two players were tied heading into the final round. AND ebony anthony from fremantle I note goal of the year for this:


The news Australia is looking for

  • Ivanka Trump: We are waiting to hear more from donald trump’s daughter (and former White House adviser) today as she testifies before the committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill. bennie thompsonthe chair of the committee, said she had been answering investigators’ questions in a videoconference and he was not “talkative”, but had been useful for the investigation
  • Australian Men’s Cricket: The team has finished its tour of Pakistan with a three wicket win in a T20 match. Captain aaron finch maximum scored with 55 runs from 45 balls

See these pretty eyes?

Puppy dog ​​eyes
Example a(Supplied: Anne Burrows)

A team of scientists, led by Anne Burrows of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, has found fast twitch muscles about him Eyebrows are what allow dogs to wear their famous puppy dog ​​eyes.

That’s it vulnerable look a little worried that the dogs get that makes us want to go, “Awww…so cute…come and let me take care of you.”

They now found that there are many more fast-twitch muscles in dogs’ faces, and they’re also important for bark (another way your dog will convince you that he wants something…often at 5am). Those fast-twitch muscles are also important for human facial expressions.

Bradley Smith of Central Queensland University, who studies cognition and behavior in canines, said the study was “a big step” in our understanding of how dogs can communicate with us.

And the “mutual gaze” between dog and human triggers the release of the drug of love. oxytocin in us, he added.

That is all for now

We’ll be back later with more.



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