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Smithville resident and dog trainer opens private dog park for canines

SMITHVILLE – Tracy Kasserman watched her two German shepherds, King and Duke, as they bounded across a new one-acre private dog park.

The littermates quickly explored the fenced boundaries before turning their attention to a half-buried tire. They were the first guests at the park which opened on Wednesday, March 30.

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King, a German shepherd, runs around at Rebekah Undersander's private dog park in Smithville.

As Kasserman entered the park, her dogs ran toward her. Excited by her presence, they jumped on her with their muddy paws, dirtying her shirt.

“This is actually a really good idea,” Kasserman told owner Rebekah Undersander of the park.

Undersander created the private dog park as a safe haven for reactive dogs that would otherwise overreact to the presence of other dogs or people.

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