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Slog AM: Just pay off student loans, rent went up, and Seattle ranks 2nd in the nation for dog poop complaints on Twitter – Slog

Apply this same energy to pay off student debt, please and thank you. JOSHUA LOTT/GETTY IMAGES

Biden the Coward Extends Student Loan Pause Through August 31: This is the third time that the Biden administration has delayed the payment restart date, which this time was set to expire on May 1. I don’t understand why he doesn’t directly pay off all federal student loans. I mean, have you seen the price of literally everything right now? And by moving the date to September, it will surely become an even more important topic before the November midterms. The debt is not real! Fuck student loans until I die!


Speaking of the cost of living: According to a recent report from a real estate financing tool called Stessa, the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area has the sixth highest income in the country. Jaw. Median cost for a studio is $1,603, a one-bedroom is $1,682, and a two-bedroom is $2,005. As someone looking for a new place to live in the city, things are looking bleak.

Humans are made of water, fat, connective tissue, bone, muscle, and microplastics: For the first time in recorded history, scientists have found microplastics, pieces of plastic no larger than 5mm, “deep in the lungs” of living, breathing humans, The Guardian reports. The contaminant is found in almost every crevice on the planet, from human blood to Mount Everest. According to the researchers, the most common particles discovered in the lungs were polypropylene (commonly used in plastic packaging and pipes) and PET (from bottles). The health effects are not fully known yet, but this is definitely not a good thing.

An oddball in a plum-colored PT Cruiser stole an ancient mammoth tusk from an art gallery in downtown Seattle: For some reason, the KOMO transcript of the Seattle Police Department report didn’t name the gallery, it’s Fossil & Stone, but apparently the robbery is the second theft incident in two weeks. Being in possession of a stolen mammoth tusk sounds like a curse, I don’t know.

Want to help replace derogatory names at 18 Washington sites? As mentioned in previous Slog AMs, the Department of the Interior is proposing to rename dozens of places in the United States with the word “squaw,” a racist and sexist term for Native American and indigenous women. The federal government is communicating with local tribes about the process. There are 18 name change locations in Washington, each with six options for residents to choose from. You have until April 25 to comment on your favorites.

Concrete flows on the West Seattle Bridge: Yesterday morning, still-striking concrete drivers returned to work on the nearly repaired bridge, KING 5 reports. The Seattle Department of Transportation is apparently “encouraged” by the continuation of work on the bridge, but can’t say. exactly when repairs for the delay will be completed (prior to the strike, the reopening date was set for mid-2022).

Meanwhile, in Bothell: My Bothell-loving colleague, Matt Baume, will no doubt be pleased with Daniel Beekman’s juicy piece on the seattle times in the city up north by banning cars from its downtown Main Street to make it more pedestrian-friendly. It’s a sick concept that every city should emulate, but have you ever tried living in Bothell? Outside of that main stretch, navigating anywhere without a car is a nightmare, just like most other suburbs. My family lives there and I feel TRAPPED every time I visit lol.

Mariners season opener delayed: Due to inclement weather in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Twins postponed their four-game series against the Seattle team from Thursday to Friday.

Avian flu shakes the world of birds: Nearly 23 million chickens and turkeys have been killed in the United States so far to limit the spread of the contagious and deadly disease, the AP reports. In an effort to protect certain endangered populations, US zookeepers are moving their birds indoors to limit their contact with sick wild birds. Keep the penguins safe!

Jesus: A man had to be transported to the hospital this morning after jumping from a second-story window to escape flames that engulfed his Rainier Beach apartment, KOMO reports. No other injuries have been reported and the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

And in the news of the Russo-Ukrainian war: The United States announced more sanctions against Russian elites and institutions, specifically targeting the adult daughters of Putin and Sberbank, Reuters reports. Americans are also prohibited from investing in Russia. Margo Vansynghel at Crosscut described Seattle-based Ukrainian artist Anastasia Babenko’s new show at Das Schaufenster in Ballard. 10 high-rise buildings in Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk are on fire after Russian shelling. And get ready for food prices to go up.

In a surprise to literally no one: Seattle is terrible at picking up their poo doggies, or they’re just about the best at complaining about it on Twitter, at least. Protect My Paws conducted a national analysis of tweets per 100,000 people and found that Seattle ranked second in the nation for dog poop complaints per capita. I don’t care how cute your four-legged pup is, Seattle, get that shit out. It’s bad for you and it’s bad for your dog.

Disappointed with the size of your Whopper? You’re not alone. According to CBS, “Four Burger King customers are suing the chain over its marketing, claiming the company makes the burger look 35% larger in its advertising than it actually is.”

For your listening pleasure: “Acid in my blood” from Channel Three.


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