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Pet Tech Market to Reach $17.57 Billion in Sales by 2028 |

Westford, USA, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Demand for smart pet devices is on the rise as people seek to improve the lives of their companions by providing devices that can transmit information such as location, temperature , and pet activity. According to a recent SkyQuest study of global pet tech market, more than 52% of American adults have a smart device for their pet. In Europe, the figure is even higher, at 67%. This growing demand is likely due to several factors.

First, there is a growing trend of people adopting older or special needs pets, creating an opportunity for devices that can improve the quality of life for these animals. Additionally, there is growing awareness that pets belonging to well-mannered households are at lower risk of developing chronic diseases and many other problems in the global pet tech market. Consequently, it makes sense for pet owners to seek out technology that can help monitor their animals’ behavior and health to protect both of them.

As technology advances, more and more pet-specific devices are being developed. These are some of the most popular devices:

  • A smart collar that responds to voice commands and tracks the location of the pet.
  • A smart band that monitors vital signs and sends alerts if something is wrong.
  • A smart toy that dispenses treats when the pet plays with it.

The popularity of these devices in the pet tech market is due in part to the growing trend of keeping pets indoors. These devices allow pet owners to keep track of their animals without having to be present in person all the time. They also provide peace of mind in case something happens to the pet, such as getting lost or running away.

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This growing demand for smart pet devices has led to the development of a number of different apps that can be used to manage and monitor their behavior. These apps can be found on the Android and iOS platforms, as well as on a number of different devices, including tablets, smartphones, wearables, and home security systems.

SkyQuest has published a report on the global pet technology market. The report covers various aspects of the pet technology industry including market trends, opportunities, and challenges. This report will help readers understand the current landscape and identify opportunities in the market. It is essential reading for anyone involved in or considering entering the pet tech industry.

SkyQuest says that 83% of pet owners in North America and Europe have at least one Pet Tech device

According to SkyQuest analysis, in 2021 there were more than 1.012 billion dogs and cats worldwide. The pet dog population exceeded 565 million.

Given that most people have at least one pet in the European and North American pet tech market, it’s no surprise that pet tech is a popular topic for consumers and businesses alike. In fact, according to a recent SkyQuest study, 71% of American households own at least one type of pet, with dogs (48%) and cats (43%) leading the way. Although there are many different types of pet tech products on the pet tech market, the survey found that 95% of pet owners use technology to keep their pets entertained and engaged. This includes the 86% who use technology to monitor their pets’ activity and the 85% who use technology to provide food and water. Additionally, 83% of pet owners use technology to connect with their pets in some way, such as through messaging or social media.

Technology has also been used to improve relationships with your pets. For example, 83% of owners use mobile apps to track their pet’s whereabouts and 74% use mobile apps to play with their pets. Additionally, 68% of owners use mobile apps to provide medical alerts to their pets in an emergency.

When asked about the most popular types of technology used to care for their pets, 73% reported using an app or software to monitor their pet’s health, followed by 68% who reported using a device wearable, such as a necklace or bracelet, to track your whereabouts and activity. Notably, two-thirds of those surveyed said they plan to use more such technologies in the future.

Interestingly, when asked about the biggest challenges they face caring for their pets in the global pet tech market, the top three responses were dealing with emergencies (24%), training or teaching their pets new behaviors (22 %) and manage costs. (twenty-one%). In general, it seems that technology can play an important role in helping pet owners manage their lives and responsibilities regarding their pets.

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RFID generates more than 30% of pet technology market revenue

As the world becomes more and more electrified, so does the pet industry. Pets now have tags implanted in their skin that allow their owners to track their animals wherever they go. RFID chips are becoming increasingly popular for this very purpose as they allow for a high level of security and tracking.

RFID chips are becoming increasingly popular for pets in the global pet technology market as they provide a way to keep track of animals without the need for traditional collars and tags. The chips can be embedded in the pet’s fur or inside its body, and once scanned, the chip will store unique information about the animal, such as its name, weight and location. RFID chips are relatively cheap to buy and maintain and are in high demand from pet owners, who see them as a way to improve animal welfare.

The high demand for RFID chips in the global pet technology market is due in part to the fact that they are small and lightweight, making them less invasive than traditional tags. They’re also faster and easier to read than traditional RFID tags, which means they can be scanned more quickly. Additionally, RFID chips are less likely to be lost or damaged over time, making them a more reliable option for tracking large animals like horses.

SkyQuest has published a report on the global pet technology market. The report covers different segments of the market and provides an overview of the revenue generated by each segment. It also highlights key players in the market and their respective revenue contributions. The report provides valuable insights into the current state of the pet technology market and is a valuable resource for companies operating in this space.

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Major players in the global pet technology market

  • Avid Identification Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • Allflex USA Inc. (USA)
  • Datamars (Switzerland)
  • FitBark (USA)
  • Garmin Ltd. (USA)
  • Invisible Fence (USA)
  • AKC Link (USA)
  • Loc8tor Ltd. (UK)
  • PetPace LLC (USA)
  • Whistle Labs, Inc. (USA)
  • Voyce (USA)

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