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Pampered pets are ‘top dog’ online: exploring the world of the ‘petfluencer’

Becoming a ‘petfluencer’ can be a big part of being a pet owner (photo: Adobe)

For a while it felt like we were more of our family.

We had been sneaked in, seduced, bewitched, call it what you will, by a playful gang of dogs; pugs to be precise.

First it was Pablo (completely adorable) and then came Stanley and Winston (unbearably cute).

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Nearly a quarter of pet owners have created social media accounts for their furry friends, research finds (photo: Adobe)

This soulful trio did not belong to us or live with us, but could be summoned at the touch of a keyboard through their own social media channel.

Making it easy for pets to track online and provide content to their legions of fans is part of the modern pet ownership package for many.

Nearly a quarter of pet owners have created social media accounts for their furry friends, according to a survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners.

The research, from pet insurance provider ManyPets, found that more than a third of people with social media accounts for their pets set up profiles to showcase their beloved animals to the rest of the world.

The average cat or dog racks up 925 fans each on social media, research finds (photo: Adobe)

And 89 percent of owners said their pets have more followers than they do on social media, with the average cat or dog amassing 925 fans each.

So maybe there was an inevitability about how this would turn into something bigger, and more profitable, for some.

How much can a petfluencer earn?

Becoming a pet influencer or ‘petfluencer’ can be a huge part of being a pet owner these days and the potential to monetize Fido’s popularity is huge.

“Creating a pet influencer channel is a fantastic way to share your furry friends with the world,” said Layla Flaherty, director and pet detective at animal modeling and influencer agency, Urban Paws UK. “However, it can also be a lucrative business venture.

“At Urban Paws UK we have many pet influencers in our books, some of whom can earn thousands of pounds from each post, review or story. It all depends on the size of your social media following.

“For example, some of our ‘micro’ influencers, who have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers, can earn between £200 and £1,000 per post. Those in the “macro” category (between 50,000 and 1 million) will earn much more and if you are a “mega” influencer (over 1 million) then you are looking for significant financial gains and booking only from the highest profile brand. collaborations.”

An Asda Money survey of 3,000 UK dog and cat owners completed last year found that 40 per cent of those who responded saying they follow pet accounts on social media buy from brands recommended by other influencers on the internet. pets.

It also revealed that of those in the UK who had set up some sort of social media account dedicated solely to their pets, 29 per cent had done so with the aim of trying to break into the world of pet influencers.

Forty per cent of Britons admitted that they liked their dog more than their children, most of the time

It is undeniable that dogs occupy a special place in the heart of the nation, as well as the affectionate place that many occupy within the family.

They are revered as ‘man’s best friend’, but who knew this would go so far as to usurp the coveted ‘favorite son’ crown from their offspring?

Forty per cent of Britons admitted that they liked their dog more than their children, more often than not, in a survey.

Research by greeting card market thortful revealed that 90 percent said their dog is part of the family.

Given some pets’ exposure to movie stars, it’s no surprise that many seem to be living the Hollywood lifestyle, with 29 percent of people saying their pets are the most pampered in the house, and 10 percent say they lead a lifestyle the Kardashians would envy, Asda Money found.

They also enjoy treats and gifts, as well as attention.

According to research from ManyPets, nearly half of owners said they pamper their dogs and mogs once a week or more with toys, treats, and new bedding.

Pets benefit from birthday parties and gifts, many of which cost more than owners spend on some of their loved ones.

And 66 percent consider their pet one of their best friends.

“It is clear that pets are the pride and joy of the nation,” said Steven Mendel, CEO and co-founder of ManyPets. “Whether we’re showing them off on social media or throwing them a birthday party, our four-legged friends deserve the best.”

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