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Kormotech facilities are working overtime to produce optimal dog and cat food

For 18 years, Optimeal’s parent company, Kormotech, has maintained its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of cat and dog food in more than 30 countries. Kormotech has been proud to be based in Ukraine since they opened their first dry cat and dog food plant there in 2005. In 2014, they launched an initiative in Ukraine to help save animals affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In 2015, Kormotech began exporting its high-quality pet food to the European market, and less than two years later, it ranked among the top 30 pet food producers in Europe. They still continue to grow and expand their market despite the unprecedented challenges they are currently facing in their home country.

Optimeal is committed to serving the US pet food market while ensuring its Ukrainian employees are safe and cared for. The manufacturing plant in Ukraine is still operating at 98% capacity, working to serve pet owners around the world while supporting the local economy.

“Our company and the Ukrainian people have been overwhelmed by the level of support we receive from around the world. Rarely has the division between good and evil been so marked. In these difficult times, we thank you for your continued business and would like to remind you that every time you purchase Optimeal you are supporting the economy and people of Ukraine. We are confident that this situation will make us stronger and, in the words of the President of Ukraine: ‘Life will defeat death and light will defeat darkness’”. – Yuliana Volk, Director of New Business Development

Kormotech prides itself on being a socially responsible company and is committed to helping those in need during war. In addition to helping support the economy and people of Ukraine, Kormotech also continues to launch initiatives to make a difference on the ground. They have launched the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative in association with “Greater Good Charities”, as well as partnering with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Phillips Pet Food, American Pet Product Association and more. Kormotech’s Lithuanian facility has also fully supported Ukraine through its non-governmental crowdfunding organization U-Hearts.

“The Ukraine brand is super powerful. It has intensified thanks to all Ukrainians who invest in victory. The whole world perceives us as a country of free people. Kormotech has a strong reputation, so our brands are recognized and valued. We We feel special support for our Optimeal brand in the US from distributor Phillips Pet Food & Supplies and the entire US pet food community supports Ukraine” – Rostyslav Vovk, CEO.

Kormotech continues to seek partnerships that work to improve the lives of people and pets in Ukraine during these difficult times. Their determination to help those in need will persist as they stand by the Ukrainian people who so valiantly defend their home from invasion. Kormotech is committed to continuing to ensure the safety of its employees as it works tirelessly to boost the economy and protect animals from becoming collateral damage in war. In these times it is more important than ever to buy from socially responsible brands. Optimeal is a pet food brand you can feel good about spending your money knowing it will come back to the relief efforts in Ukraine.


About Optimeal® and Kormotech: Optimeal® is a Ukrainian brand of premium pet food produced by Kormotech. Kormotech is based in the culturally vibrant Lviv region of Ukraine, and is a family-owned company that offers high-quality dry and wet food for cats and dogs. The recipes are produced in the company’s own facilities, which are made up of three high-tech plants. Recognized by Petfood Industry magazine as #7 in revenue growth globally in 2021, its branded and private label products are available today in 33 countries around the world. The company has adopted a policy of continuous technological improvement since its founding in 2003. Every Optimeal recipe now available in the US is prepared under the strictest supervision in Kormotech’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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