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I’m A Famous Dog Trainer: The 3 Warning Signs You’ve Picked The Wrong Breed For Your Family

A CELEBRITY dog trainer has revealed certain behaviors that may indicate that you have chosen the wrong breed for your family.

Certified professional trainer and TikTok sensation Sam Hoke told the US Sun that some breeds can start misbehaving if they don’t have a proper job that fits their needs.


Celebrity dog ​​trainer Sam Hoke shared three warning signs that he’s picked the wrong breed of dog for his familyCredit: Instagram/dogtrainerofficial
Hoke, who can be found at @celebritydogtrainerofficial on TikTok, told the US Sun that some working breeds can run into trouble if they aren't stimulated enough.


Hoke, who can be found at @celebritydogtrainerofficial on TikTok, told the US Sun that some working breeds can run into trouble if they aren’t stimulated enough.Credit: Instagram
He said they may start chewing on your furniture, barking at everything, or herding your children if they get too bored.


He said they may start chewing on your furniture, barking at everything, or herding your children if they get too bored.Credit: TikTok/dogtrainerofficial

“If you’re a family, you want to avoid some of the stronger, working breed dogs,” said Hoke, also known as @dogtrainerofficial.

The celebrity trainer who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga explained that puppies like German shepherds, Malinois and other types of herders have been bred specifically for demanding jobs.

Therefore, having the canine sit at home while you work or travel is not ideal in the least.

“They need really strong jobs,” Hoke told the Sun.

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“And when you have them as a family dog, you don’t really have the time or energy to train them to sniff out bombs or herd cattle.”

If these pups are not stimulated with activities that use their skills or talents, they will find any way to expend their energy.

This is when the mischievous behavior begins.

“So they’re sitting at home building up this energy thinking ‘I need something to do because I’m bored,'” Hoke said.

“They’ll start chewing on your furniture, barking at anything that moves, and herding your kids.”

Even though these canines are a bit more demanding than others, Hoke explained that they can still be amazing pets for those who are willing to work.

“You have to be prepared for it. I don’t think many people realize how much effort it will take,” the famous dog trainer told the Sun.

Hoke advises people with previous responsibilities like children or a demanding job to look for lower-energy animals that require less training.

When he’s not sharing tips on his TikTok, the celebrity trainer is working out of his exclusive Los Angeles, California dog training facility, Ranch Dog Training.

This comes as a vet has shared which dog breeds she would never have based on her medical experience with puppies.

Posting on TikTok, Dr. Whitney Terrell says that there are a number of dog breeds she would never own, in part due to being a veterinarian and her experiences with these different breeds, while some are just personal taste.

Chinese Crested and other hairless breeds

The first breed Whitney says she won’t have is the Chinese Crested, adding that she just doesn’t like hairless animals.

“They’re pimples, they’re greasy,” says Whitney, “same with cats, they feel like a sack of balls. It’s a no from me.”


Referring to them as ankle biters, this vet says Chihuahuas are not his cup of tea.

“I’m afraid of being stepped on, it’s most likely a bit if I have one, it’s usually a one person dog,” she adds.

She says there are some chihuahuas that come to the surgery where she works that are nice, but the vast majority of this breed is aggressive and bites ankles.

Brachycephalic breeds (Pugs, Shi Tzus, Boston Terriers, etc)

“Some are really cute, but they can’t breathe. They literally can’t breathe,” says Whitney.

“They snore, I already have a husband who snores, I don’t need anything more than snoring.”

He adds that these dog breeds commonly suffer from dermatitis, have many allergies, and have yeast, odor, and gas.

german shepherd and belgian malinois

These have the potential to make great pets, but Whitney says they can take a lot of training, which she wouldn’t have time to do because of her job.

He adds that “95% of those we see in clinics want to bite your face because they are not properly trained.”

If you’re planning on getting one of these dogs, he says you shouldn’t make the decision lightly and make sure you have time to train and care for them.


Whitney says that in her experience, these dogs are quite hyperactive and can’t sit still for two seconds before having to run again.

She adds that this breed can also get regular ear infections, so it can cost quite a bit in vet bills, and on top of this, it’s also very expensive to care for them.

“Just too high maintenance for me, I’d rather have a hunting dog,” he ends.

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