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How long do rabbits live as pets? How to take care of your bunny.

Not including fish, rabbits are the third most popular pet in the United States behind dogs and cats, according to Pet Keen.

Although people generally think of rabbits as “low-maintenance” pets, rabbits require a specific diet and daily exercise to ensure they stay healthy and live long, happy lives, explains WebMD’s Fetch.

Whether you’re a new pet owner or have had a rabbit for years, there are several ways to ensure your pet can live life to its fullest, starting with their diet and daily routine.

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How long do rabbits live as pets?

Most domestic rabbits can live eight years or even up to 12 years, according to Fetch by WebMD. Unlike wild rabbits, which face risk factors including predators and stress in the wild, domestic rabbits have safe places to hide and a constant supply of food.

According to Fetch by WebMD, just like dogs, different breeds of rabbits have different life spans. In general, larger rabbit breeds are shorter-lived than dwarf breeds, and purebred rabbits are shorter-lived than mixed-breed rabbits. However, there are exceptions and every rabbit is different. How you care for your rabbit will play a bigger role in its lifespan than its genetics.

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