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Hitting the death of a dog fuels anger in Shanghai

A Shanghai resident who tested positive for Covid saw her pet dog beaten to death just after it was dragged into a van to be sent to an isolation center.

The scene was seen in video that made its way online and in photographs, which showed a corgi being beaten to death by a shovel-wielding pandemic worker wearing a protective suit. The incident occurred outside a housing estate in the Pudong district.

The dog appeared to have been left on the street when its owner was taken away. It was after the woman had left that the worker slept with the dog with his shovel.

A WeChat group came forward with the woman claiming to be the owner of the dog, saying she did not abandon it.

“We had no food at home, so we wanted to take the dog to the neighborhood committee and ask them to take care of it, but they refused to do so,” he said.

The committee also did not allow her to take the dog home and instead told her to leave it outside.

“We thought that leaving the dog outside would mean that he would become a stray,” he added. “But he wouldn’t starve. We didn’t expect him to be beaten to death right after we left.”

A neighborhood committee staffer later claimed that the arrangement came about because there was concern about a risk of transmission, but admitted the decision was not thoroughly considered.

The committee will now contact the dog’s owner and give him compensation.

Another person posted a video on Weibo showing police broadcasting a message that residents of a housing development in Shanghai’s Songjiang district should not open their windows and sing.

“Please control your soul and your desire for freedom,” was the plea from the police.

But one person who said he had a classmate who lived there claimed that people weren’t singing on their balconies but instead calling out for necessities to be met.

Videos showing chaotic quarantine arrangements in isolation facilities in Shanghai were also spread on Weibo. One showed people at a makeshift hospital in Nanhui district fighting over supplies as the facility lacked administrators.

Some people in the isolation facilities also complained that there was no food or water.

One woman recounted how she and her mother cried after grabbing a case of bottled water.

Shanghai authorities yesterday said they were trying to improve the distribution of food and other essentials to residents amid growing public discontent as the restrictions were extended to an 11th day.

The streets have gone largely silent after authorities imposed restrictions under the “zero tolerance” policy, with only health workers, volunteers, delivery staff and others with special permission being allowed out. .

Officials say the number of couriers trying to keep 26 million residents supplied has dropped to just 11,000. Services still operational but overloaded included Meituan and Alibaba’s Freshippo online grocery platform and its service.

In an open letter, the Shanghai branch of the Communist Party called on members to “show their swords and fight against all kinds of behavior that interfere with and destroy the overall anti-pandemic efforts.”

Shanghai has enough stocks of staple foods such as rice and meat, but problems in distribution and “last-mile deliveries” have arisen due to pandemic controls, Shanghai Deputy Mayor Chen Tong admitted.

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