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Dog NI thrown away for fear of human contact now gives cuddles and hugs

Rescuers had a job on their hands when they picked up a small border collie they found abandoned and locked in a shed.

Trembling with fear and afraid of all human contact, she hid while the volunteers tried to persuade her to trust them.

But amazingly, two months later, Olive has transformed so much that she’s even started a new hobby: HUGING people.

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The Black and White Collie literally wraps her front paws around whoever she’s with, lays her head on them and gives them a hug in a display of love and trust that her handlers just can’t get enough of.

A spokesperson for Rainbow Rehoming Centre, Co Derry, said: “A farmer discovered Olive locked up in one of their outbuildings after being abandoned. And the day she arrived at Rainbow Rehoming she was absolutely petrified by everyone and everything.”

After being thrown and trapped in a shed, Olive knows that there are good people out there too.

“His pen became his safe place and for the first few days he wouldn’t let us in. So to gain his trust, we gave him treats and talked over the wire.”

“Two days later, she let two members of our team into her pen and it took another two weeks for Olive to gain the trust of the rest of us and she’s come a long way since then.

“Olive is the most loving dog you will ever meet and it has been a joy to watch her personality blossom into the happy dog ​​she is today. Her favorite thing to do is spend time alone with our team and she shows her love by putting her paws on around your waist for hugs and cuddles.

“She is wary of busy environments, loud noises and may be concerned about strangers and other dogs, however her socialization has gone well and she may now share her new home with another dog or dogs depending on her meet and greet and experience.” of the family. .”

Olive loves hugs
Olive loves hugs

Any potential new family for the Olive Owner should have experience with the Collie, be very active and committed to helping her overcome her neglected past and continue her training and socialization. The home will have to be settled and quiet.

Here’s what you need to know about Olive:

  • Age: 1 to 2 years approx.
  • Breed: Collie
  • Gender: Female
  • Medium size
  • Children: You can live with children over 12 years old.
  • Dogs: She can live with dogs.
  • Cats: She can’t live with cats.
  • Trained House: Working on it

To welcome Olive to your family, please email to request a dog application form. Mention Olive in her request and wait two days for the group to respond.

Olive has learned to be loved
Olive has learned to be loved

Why borders are the best: Rachel Sutherland explains why Border Collies are her favorite breed

“Known for its place on a farm, this breed also has a special place in my heart.Border Collies are loyal, super smart, and have poured out a lot of energy. Five years later, my dog ​​Vinny is still mistaken for a lively pup by other dog walkers!

If you lead an active lifestyle and love a good walk, then sheepdogs are definitely the type of dog for you. Vinny will happily join me on 5Ks and often I am the one struggling to keep up with him. Half an hour later, when I’m curled up on the couch, Vinny will be itching for his next adventure.

Vinny keeps Rachel on her toes.
Vinny keeps Rachel on her toes.

Although he’s not always bouncing off the walls like a kid after eating a tube of Smarties, he loves a good hug and would let you pet him all day if it were up to him. Vinny, who loves being around his family of humans, certainly has a gentle spirit and gets along with all dogs, the same can’t be said for cats on the other paw.

If you’ve ever owned a Border Collie, you may be familiar with one of their common traits: their intense stare, a technique used by working collies when confronted with a stubborn sheep that has become separated from the herd.

The hardworking hound will stare at the sheep, causing it to freeze in fear, until the farmer comes to pick it up and then return it to the herd. Border collies, who get their name from being originally bred on the borders of Scotland and England, will instinctively use this method when playing with toys, seeking attention, and when foraging for food. In Vinny’s case, she becomes obsessed with her ball when she plays fetch and also with a less common toy: a piece of old hose!”

the olive tree has blossomed
the olive tree has blossomed

Lin Vet da, from Pooch & Mutt, gives advice on Border Collies

1. You will need stamina to keep up with your Border Collie. This highly intelligent breed needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep up with their seemingly limitless energy levels.

2. While well-socialized Border Collies get along well with children, it is important to be aware of their herding instincts which can lead to bumps or falls for little ones. Care should always be taken around young children around Collies.

3. Collies are highly trainable and have even been known to outsmart their human counterparts at times. They are happiest when they are busy or have a “job” to do.

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