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Dog and Pony Show Part Two: The Email Edition

BUCYRUS—An explosive city council meeting Tuesday night prompted a departing citizen to leave a cryptic warning.

Bucyrus council secretary Megan Conley read two emails. The accusatory email sent by Dan Wirebaugh’s daughter, Brittany Wirebaugh, further upset citizen Carolyn Shireman when she was not given a chance to respond. Wirebaugh’s email said:

March 17, 2022

Bucyrus Elected Officials:

I am writing to all elected officials in the City of Bucyrus to express my concern and extreme disappointment at the lack of support some Bucyrus elected officials have received on behalf of the city. Elected officials are employees of the City of Bucyrus. All must be supported and given the utmost respect at all times and certainly by their fellow elected officials.

Over the last +/- 2 years, numerous members of the public have become increasingly aggressive in their harassment of elected officials. For nothing more than a power trip to exacerbate some kind of superfluous superiority complex. It’s time to stand up and start supporting your employees and co-workers. Namely Vicki Dishon, Kurt Fankhauser, and Carolyn Shireman, to name a few examples. Vicki Dishon has, on numerous occasions, berated, belittled, and even harassed countless officials to the point of her resignation. When is this behavior going to be addressed? When you put your foot down, step in and say enough is enough? This behavior is extremely toxic to the service your elected officials provide to Bucyrus. How can anyone succeed or take progressive action to improve the city when they have to deal with this week after week? How many hours have city council members and the legal director spent investigating and responding to senseless complaints made by these members of the public? There has to be some resolution to these antics before I end up losing more and more dedicated city employees who sincerely have the best interest of the city at heart. With the lack of support I have seen city officials receive and seeing one employee after another resign from their positions, how are you going to encourage the next members of the community to have the confidence to fill these positions? The answer is that you won’t.

I operate a real estate agency in Columbus, Ohio. I have 8 employees on my payroll. His actions are my actions. When they are wrong, then I am wrong. However, if they do something wrong, I immediately step in and support them in some way so they can succeed and grow. I would never allow customers, clients or the public the ability to scold or belittle my employees or co-workers. Even more so to the point that they would resign their positions. You have a serious problem with the way meetings are run and, more importantly, the lack of support that all of you are showing your fellow elected officials. I ask that you all do your due diligence and seek to find a better resolution on how things are handled during public meetings. I fully understand that there are rules and procedures for how things should be handled when it comes to holding public meetings.

However, there is no excuse whatsoever that employee after employee is treated the same way as they have been at almost every public meeting for the last +/- 2 years. It’s time to step up and make some changes. Not only for you, but also for your employees, colleagues and your city.

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to understand the sincere concerns I have for your city and its employees. There are important issues that your city’s elected officials should spend their time on, rather than wondering what they will be publicly reprimanded about during the next public meeting. This behavior is counterproductive and needs to be addressed and how it can be resolved while still supporting your employees, in order to move forward with your city.


Brittany Wirebaugh

Carolyn Shireman introduced this handmade doll in support of out-of-town workers facing a credit squeeze. Shireman gave the doll to Kurt Fankhauser at Monday’s Republican Central Committee meeting.

After the email was read, Shireman asked if he could respond briefly. Council President Jenny Vermillion told him no. Shireman asked, “Do I have to sit here and take that insult from Wirebaugh’s daughter?”

“It was a correspondence that was read and sent to all the city officials.” Vermillion said.

“I should be able to talk to it because my name is on it.” Shireman said.

Shireman told the council he had a one-minute response. Wirebaugh called the point of order, but was again denied.

Wirebaugh to the council:

“We are elected to do the business of the cities and all of us up here need to do that. Now, some of you sit there with your heads under your wings. Get up. We have a job to do, the people elected us.” Wirebaugh said.

Then Reser addressed the council:

“I would like to add something here. People watch this. Potential employers watch this dog and pony show. And I would like to point out that we have to control this situation here, okay? Reser said.

Carolyn Shiremann

Shireman then asked again for a response and was denied.

As he was leaving, Shireman left a cryptic warning for Wirebaugh: “You won’t get away with this Wirebaugh.”

Crawford County Now contacted Carolyn Shireman to give her the opportunity to provide the response the council denied her regarding Wirebaugh’s daughter’s email:

“I would like to thank Britney Wirebaugh for her email because it lets me know that other citizens are watching what goes on at the Bucyrus City Council meetings where her father serves and the turmoil he brings to Council meetings. Too bad Brittany you don’t live in Bucyrus,” Shireman said.

Crawford County Now will continue to follow this developing story.

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