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Crest Review offers a review of brain training for dogs

Crest Review offers a review of brain training for dogs

Sheds light on a new product that has revolutionized dog and puppy training

April 7, 2022 – Crest Review, the renowned information resource, has featured Brain Training For Dogs Review, the revolutionary new product that has made training dogs and puppies easier and more effective.

People love dogs and puppies, pet parents love them; there are not two ways to do it. However, they also understand that their canine friends are a reflection of them in many ways. That’s why they want their pets to be well behaved and impeccably housetrained. But does that mean spending a lot of money on professional trainers? Or rely on traditional training methods that don’t always work?

brain training for dogs

Those wondering how to train a puppy can benefit from the insights they get about this revolutionary new product in the review. For starters, this product has been developed by Certified Canine Behaviorist Adrienne Farricelli, who is also a huge dog lover herself. Her book takes readers through the different steps of the program that harnesses the brainpower of dogs. These steps are not only easy to follow, but also improve your concentration, focus, and attention span.

Brain Training For Dogs focuses on these skills because they are important to power training that improves all kinds of behaviors. In addition to improving dogs’ intelligence and motor skills, the book also highlights some of the training exercises that go a long way toward reducing anxiety in dogs. As a result, dog owners will have relaxed and well-behaved furry companions on their hands, which also improves their overall relationship.

For starters, the review offers some insight into creator Adrienne Farricelli, who has over a decade of experience with Training For Dogs. She has trained dogs for a variety of purposes including search and rescue, military and police services, as well as service dogs for the disabled. Her work has been featured in several major media outlets and has made her presence felt on television shows on NBC, Fox News and more.

brain training for dogs

His training method is simple and works great because it’s reward-based. Teach dogs to obey while respecting the limits of the trainers. At the heart of Brain Training For Dogs is the fact that it builds a strong relationship between people and their dogs. It starts by teaching dogs the basic commands, and once they are accomplished, dog owners can move on to more advanced behavior modification techniques.

Through counterconditioning and desensitization techniques, dogs learn to be calm in times of anxiety. In general, the online program has 20 hours of instruction divided into 15 smaller segments. What’s great about this program is that each section allows dog owners to master one element of the training, and they can also schedule it around their schedule and learning style.

From the puppy training module to the dog behavior problems module, access to videos and forums to discuss questions with other pet owners, Brain Training For Dogs has you covered.

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