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CCTV shows Evri driver ‘throwing Grand National Ladies Day dress to dogs’

A delivery driver was seen on CCTV frisbeeing a package over the heads of two dogs to the disbelief of his owner.

Lucy Doggart had ordered a dress from ASOS to be delivered to her home in time for the Women’s Day races at Aintree on Friday 8th April. But the 21-year-old was not so impressed after looking out the window on Friday and seeing the plastic containers. she tore up in the garden where her two dogs were playing outside.

After seeing the ASOS branding amongst the tattered package, the hairdresser realized what had happened and ran outside to find the open package and the dress on the floor “covered in slime”. Reviewing the CCTV footage, she was stunned to see Evri, formerly Hermes, carry the frisbee from the package to her back door, prompting the curious pups to give chase.

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The footage even shows the ‘mischievous’ XL Bully ‘Mystery’ in the garden before the driver tossed the package across the garden, unknowingly confirming to the dog that it was a toy for her. The courier delivery photo shows one of the dogs excitedly waiting for the package to arrive.

Lucy Doggart was less than impressed after finding her dress covered in slime
Lucy Doggart was less than impressed after finding her dress covered in slime

Evri said he apologized to the customer, provided a “goodwill payment” for the inconvenience, and was helping arrange for a replacement item.

Lucy, from Burnley, Lancashire, said: “I have the races on Friday and I ordered some dresses from ASOS. I ordered some but one of them came separately. I was getting ready for a wedding and I looked out the window and there was loads of plastic on the patio where the dogs were.

“I saw the ASOS pattern and thought ‘OMG’. I quickly ran outside to pick up the dress from the road. It only took her about a minute to shred it. Mystery is so naughty, she’ll chew anything, that dog owes us thousands.

“I thought [the driver had] just put the package on the door, but [when we watched the CCTV] he had actually thrown it to the dogs. The dog has carried it from the back door to the end of the driveway and then carried it like a toy.

“When I looked for the [delivery confirmation] email I realized that I had taken a photo with the dog as if I had given it to the dog. One would think that he would realize that it was not a good idea. In the delivery photo, you can only tell by the expression on her face that she knew what was in store for her.”

The two big dogs, XL bully Mystery and cane corso-great dane cross Saber, are still young, between one and ten months old. Being large breeds, Lucy said she understands they can be scary and discourage drivers from making deliveries to the house, so she keeps them fenced off in the backyard when they’re outside.

Lucy ran out after seeing the tattered packaging across the driveway.
Lucy ran out after seeing the tattered packaging across the driveway.

Lucy said most delivery guys come to the front door, which is a separate yard that dogs don’t have access to, but this driver didn’t. Instead, she claims that she chose to throw the package across the garden and over the heads of the dogs out the back door, who were on the fence wagging their tails at the visitor.

The cameras show that, within minutes, Mystery snatched up the package, carried it to the back of the garden and opened it, before Lucy ran off to retrieve the dress.

Lucy said: “We have a front door and he had come to the backyard so he could have knocked on the front door but he was obviously chosen to give it to the dogs which is weird. Most people come to the front door, but he just didn’t.There were about five people in the house at the time.

“I understand they are big dogs and they are quite scary, but they would never hurt a fly. I just couldn’t believe I would have thrown the package out the back door knowing the dogs were there. I just don’t know.” I don’t know what was going through his mind.”

The hairdresser said she has now sent the dress to ASOS with a note about what happened to the delivery in hopes of getting a refund. She plans to complain to Evri about the service and says her experience has discouraged her from ordering from retailers that use the courier service.

Lucy said: “It’s annoying because it could have been something expensive. Luckily it was only a £30 dress but it ended up on the road covered in slime. I wasn’t impressed at the time but seeing the CCTV you have to laugh.”

“I returned the dress to ASOS, but I don’t know if I’ll get anything in return. I never order from ASOS, so I’ve never had those delivery guys before. I saw a dress I liked for the race, but I probably wouldn’t order again.” from there”.

A spokesman for Evri said: “We have spoken to the customer to apologize and have provided a goodwill payment for their inconvenience. We are also helping to arrange a replacement item.

“Our local team spoke to the courier involved and explained the importance of ensuring deliveries are made to a safe location if the recipient appears not to be home.”

ASOS declined to comment.

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