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Alligator corn dog? Fried chicken breast? 8 New Foods at Texas Rangers Games in 2022

The Texas Rangers will be selling eight unexpected new meals at Globe Life Field in Arlington for the 2022 season. But unlike in years past, these dishes aren’t giant.

It had to happen: After the Texas Rangers debuted the Boomstick, a 24-inch-long hot dog that could feed a family of four, we wondered if it would stay that way. For years, they did: There was the 24-inch-long fried brownie dipped in funnel cake batter; the 2-pound bacon cheeseburger; Frisbee-sized chicken sandwich. And remember the 2-foot-long chicken strip, and the photo of Rangers Insider Evan Grant, looking lovingly at it?

Its Boomstick will still be sold in 2022. But the rest of the menu is more affordable and smaller in size.

“We’re trying new things,” says Casey Rapp, general manager of the Delaware North concession company for Globe Life Field.

Inflated grocery prices were part, but not all, of Rapp’s thinking. “I have always wanted to make a lobster roll. But lobster is $50 a pound right now,” says Rapp. (That didn’t stop the concession scheme in Atlanta, where Delaware North just debuted a $151 Wagyu burger topped with foie gras and lobster tail. Yowza!)

New concessions from previous years were priced as high as $27, while the most expensive item on this list of 2022 newcomers is the Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich at $16.50.

Here is his list of new Texas Rangers award items:

Below each description are taste test reactions from Sarah Blaskovich and Evan Grant, who are at the stadium on April 6, 2022.

Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich — $16.50

You have Nolan Ryan Beef to thank for this one. The ballpark-smoked brisket pieces are battered and fried, then sandwiched between two Texas toasties.

Evan Grant it says: “It’s very good, but very panoso”.

Sara Blaskovich says: “The brisket is perfect on its own. I am going to eat battered and fried, but this might be a step too far.”

  • Find the Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich at the Sweet Baby Ray booth, Section 125

Alligator Corn Dog – $16

The ballpark has sold rattlesnake sausage before.  In 2022, it's an alligator corn dog.
The ballpark has sold rattlesnake sausage before. In 2022, it’s an alligator corn dog.(Juan Figueroa / Staff Photographer)

Your favorite swamp animal makes its debut at Globe Life Field. It’s alligator Andouille sausage, coated in cornmeal and fried. Hey, we’ve tried a lot of different cheesy Fletcher’s dogs at the State Fair of Texas. This might not be a stretch for fans of fair food.

Evan says: “Everyone has always told me that alligators taste like chicken. This time, he tastes like a corn dog. But, being Andouille, he has an extra touch of spice.”

Sarah says: “I like it. I would eat this any day.”

  • Find the alligator corn dog in the Bullpen Grill, section 125

Egg rolls with brisket — $11

Brisket Egg Rolls are back on the menu at Globe Life Field in Arlington.
Brisket Egg Rolls are back on the menu at Globe Life Field in Arlington.(Juan Figueroa / Staff Photographer)

These little treats are returning to Arlington for the second time, after a Rangers fan won a Twitter contest in 2020. (I think we can all agree that this fan didn’t get proper attention during a year that was they canceled so many games). These smoked brisket bundles are rolled with cabbage and fried. They’ve swapped the fried rice side of 2020 for something better in 2022: Togarashi-seasoned fries.

Sarah says:: “I took too many bites. This needs to make the menu permanent.”

Evan says: “I will literally eat anything in an egg roll wrapper. And an egg roll is a perfect carrying case, important in the ballpark.”

  • Find the brisket egg rolls at the Go Deep Fried stalls: section 121, 225 and 230

Macaroni and Cheese Nachos — $11

Build it and they will come: Tostitos tortilla chips in the background. Then the Rico cheese sauce. “A stack” of mac. Peak. Rich jalapeños. And a splash of sour cream.

Sarah says: “First of all, processed cheese for nachos is a beautiful thing. Love it. But this dish doesn’t make sense, with so many layers of cheese.”

Evan says: “Reese’s Cups are two great things, chocolate and peanut butter, that go so well together. This is an example of two great things that don’t. The cheeses compete with each other.”

  • Find the mac and cheese nachos in sections 106 and 225

Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich — $16

Texas Rangers superfan Twalla Grant helped bring vegan dishes to the stadium in 2016, an effort big enough for PETA to take notice. The new meatless chicken salad sandwich is served on vegan bread, with Terra chips.

Evan says: “I’m not a big chicken salad person, let alone a vegan, but it tastes like a passable chicken salad. The only thing was the slightest hint of a lab-manufactured scent. I’ll say this: My stepdaughter asked me to give her a rundown of vegan options, and I think she would eat this.”

Sarah says: “It smells like sneakers. But forget it: I’m a big fan of chicken salads and I’m happy to eat vegan food, and I think this is a great sandwich.

  • Find the vegan chicken salad sandwich in sections 101 and 205

Vegan Bratwurst — $12

Impossible brand bratwurst, a new plant-based item from the company, is the star of this meatless dish. The bratwurst is made with soy protein, sunflower oil and coconut oil.

[The bratwurst wasn’t available to sample on April 6, 2022.]

  • Find the vegan sausage in section 101
Hurtado Barbecue, a restaurant that opened in Arlington just weeks before the pandemic shutdown...

Cornbread Chili Pie Dog — $12

Swap out the hot dog bun for a cornbread bun and you have a cornbread chili cake dog. Each hot dog is topped with Texas Chili brand chili, shredded cheddy cheese and jalapenos.

[Reactions of this dish coming soon]

  • Find the cornbread chili cake dog in sections 132 and 225

Golden Chicken Loaded Fries — $10

Don’t let the name confuse you; there’s no chicken in this pile of fries. This snack is like this: French fries. Nacho cheese. Bacon bits. Jalapenos.

Evan says: “Is there chicken here? No? I love cheese fries, but the name confuses me.”

Sarah says: “Evan, you need to read my story.”

  • Find the loaded fries in Golden Chick, section 128

All of the new Rangers concession items will be served during regular season games at Globe Life Field in Arlington. The Rangers’ first home game is April 11, 2022.

For more wacky food news, follow Sarah Blaskovich on Twitter at @sblaskovich.

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