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Actress Jena Malone made the citizen’s arrest of a dog abuser

It’s exactly the kind of scene you’d expect to come out of Hollywood: crime, violence, retributive justice, and indie darling Jena Malone making a citizen’s arrest. Only it’s not an action movie starring Jena Malone, it’s literally a local news clip from Hollywood, the neighborhood, with the real person, Jena Malone. On April 5, NBC 4 Los Angeles aired a two-minute segment about a group of strangers who chased and beat up a man they saw physically abusing a small, unkempt-looking dog. NBC interviews one of the people who chased the man, and that person is unmistakably The Hunger Games and pride and prejudice actress Jena Malone. “I stopped and started chasing him,” she says, “because that’s not right at all.” (Malone was not one of the people filmed physically assaulting the man.)

The reporter doesn’t seem to realize who he’s talking to, other than someone who takes “animal rescue” as literally as possible. The men who beat up the unidentified abuser say they were “conducting a citizen’s arrest” and held him down until police arrived. A lawyer tells NBC that a legal case can be brought against the citizens’ arresters for continuing to beat the man for a full minute after he was already subdued. Then again, that’s what professional arresters do, too.

Taking to Twitter, Malone gave more context, writing, “I yelled at him to pull over to my car but he didn’t. I got out of my car to try to catch the dog, but he started running. […] So I started chasing him.” Five men followed her and took over chasing the man, so Malone got back in his car and drove back “to make sure the dog would be taken care of.” After an emergency visit to the animal hospital, he was reunited with his real owner (he had been missing for a week) and Malone learned the pup’s name: Champion. He also shared a GoFundMe link to cover $5,000 of the survivor’s surgery costs. He saw the hundred-bone cub.

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