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A dog named Snot | SCT online

We are taking care of a poor, downcast, Blue Heeler in our home. We call it “Moco” after the dog from the movie Christmas Holidays. He nicknamed her that because when he showed up on our front porch he had a bloody cut on the side of his head that looked like it had been kicked by a horse or a cow, and the snot had been scooped out. She’s still a bit of a snot, so we still call her Snot.

My wife, Danny and I feed her because that’s what we do. Someone has to do it. We don’t necessarily want to take in another animal, but at the same time we certainly aren’t going to let one starve to death on our front porch.

Ideally, her real moms and dads would come back for her and take care of her themselves. Apparently that’s not going to happen since she’s been in our house for over a month.

I’m sure someone threw Snot at us because there were fresh tire tracks in our yard the day it showed up, and since she was injured I think they just wanted to get rid of her.

They obviously took care of her before she came to stay with us. She was healthy apart from that injury, well fed and had a very friendly disposition. She settled on the porch, tail wagging and smiling as we approached as if she had lived inside her or on someone else’s porch.

He also took care of the dog bed that we keep there during the cold winter days for our other free porter, Henry, also a Blue Heeler, who sadly died last week after being hit by a vehicle near his real home.

Henry was a very good porch dog and extremely protective of us, especially me, and the two little chihuahuas that really belong to Danny and me. It was a sad day when Henry died and we miss him so much.

Snot, on the other hand, has pretty much healed from his injuries and now lives on the back porch most of the time when he’s not lounging in the yard or chasing one of the stray cats we also care for.

That cat, oddly enough, is black and white and looks a lot like a cat we gave, nearly 40 years ago, to my late father-in-law, Bobby Joe and Stewart Harrell, whose house was across the back lawn. our house. The cat we gave them was a Tom and it was a double paw. Most cats have five toes on their front paws and four toes on their hind paws, double paws or polydactyl cats may have six or more on each paw. This cat has seven. I call her Big Feet.

Since polydactyly is a genetic abnormality, I imagine Bigfoot must be a direct descendant of Mr. Precious Cat, the name we gave the in-laws, Presh, Stewart called him, for short.

Back to Mocos. Snot doesn’t like cats, but Snot likes cat food and any other kind of food that he can nibble on. Unfortunately, eating, and eating very fast, makes her… well, lives up to her name! If it wasn’t for that, he’d make a good porch dog too.

But good or bad, we really don’t need another dog, on the porch or anywhere else. Also, dog food can be hard to come by these days. I really don’t understand how the pandemic affected dog food production so negatively. Maybe it’s the pet food hoarders, a subject we’re well versed in due to helping my dad keep his two dogs fed for the past two years.

I’m sure Snot misses her real family and wishes they’d come find her and welcome her to her front porch and dog food bowl. Right now, though, she doesn’t seem to miss them at all. When we get there, she comes running and last week she slithered up to me on her belly like another old pup, another Blue Heeler, also not ours, used to do before he had a run-in with the Coyote pack. who live in the woods across the front lawn. Henrietta was a good porch dog too. Silly, but good!

So you guys Snot “is” a good dog, and if it’s yours, you know how to get in touch with me here at the paper. I really wish you would. But then again, since you most likely kicked her out anyway, you know where he is. By the way, kicking out a dog is a crime.

And, for the record, Danny calls her Momma Dog. I’m the only one who calls her Snot… good brat!

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