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82-year-old woman in India mutilated to death by her pit bull

An 82-year-old woman was mauled by her pit bull in the northern region of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sushila Tripathi, 82, from Lucknow, a township in India’s northern district of Uttar Pradesh, was attacked by her pit bull when she was home alone on Tuesday.

The victim was discovered lying down after the tragic accident. She was then transported to the medical center, where she died of concussions.

Pitbull attacks his owner

Tripathi’s domestic attendant discovered her in a bed of blood and alerted her son when a woman named Sushila Tripathi, 82, from Bengali Tola, was savagely attacked by her dog and her body was recovered and taken to a morgue for a autopsy, according to Times. Now.

As reported by the Press Trust of India, veteran law enforcement officer Yogesh Kumar said that the police are in discussion with Lucknow City Board authorities about the incident.

The woman, a former educator, shared her home with her teenage son and two pet dogs, one of which mutilated her. Community members said the dog had not previously reported that she was hostile. It is not known precisely what triggered it, Yahoo reported.

She was taken to the emergency department, where general practitioners pronounced her dead. Tripathi lived with her youngest son and had two dogs, one of which attacked her.

On Wednesday morning, a team from the city council arrived at his house and found it blocked.

In an official statement to the general public proclaimed by Dr. Abhinav Verma, a veterinary inspector from the Lucknow City Council, the investigator assigned to the case claimed that the group went to the residence to see if the family had a permit to keep a dangerous dog as possession, however, since the house was closed, it was impossible to determine.

The American Dog Breeders Association describes pit bulls as medium-sized dogs with domestic short hair and a smooth, well-defined muscular makeup, spherical almond-shaped eyes, and compact to medium-sized ears.

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82-year-old woman found dead

Analysts say that pit bulls are neither more nor less violent than any other type of dog, and that their behavior is determined by the way the animal is handled and trained.

While Dr. Vineeta Poojary, supervisor of Veterinary Services for the Humane Society International, told The Independent that pit bulls and Labradors are sociable and fearsome. It all varies depending on how you raise them.

Also, people believe that certain strains are more violent; They are not considered caring and compassionate creatures when raised.

The woman died from massive hemorrhagic damage after sustaining several open scars from her throat to her belly, according to coroner’s results. The bruises on her body revealed that the dog had buried its fangs in her flesh and completely torn her apart.

Furthermore, the IBTimes report states that there appear to be absolutely specific circumstances that can lead to an attack. However, I would hardly recommend getting a large dog in India, as many medical difficulties arise; even so, behavioral problems depend entirely on conditioning.

Dr Vinod Sharma of the DCC Animal Hospital in Delhi agreed that all pit bulls should be watched. Since several individuals cage them and do not feed them properly, which can cause them to become violent.

Some dogs are also abused. Dogs [such as pit bulls] they should never be left home alone.

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